Introducing khoste

Montaña & Associates is excited to announce khoste (knowledge hosted) — the first cloud-based, single-source knowledge and analytics tool.

Serving as a definitive resource on information compliance rules, khoste offers on-demand access to:

  • Thousands of functionally organized U.S. and global information compliance rules (laws, regulations, standards, and guidance) for over 100 countries and
  • a full complement of legal research.

Subscribers will be able to:

  • intuitively build information categories within the tool for export in a variety of formats;
  • automatically generate and assign retention rules to data on the information asset, category, and repository levels; and
  • generate reports on privacy, data location, media, and ethics requirements.

Because khoste is web-based (, no software installation or updates are required. This authoritative resource will be constantly updated to reflect the latest compliance rules.

A secure, web-enabled SaaS product, khoste unites the power of the industry’s leading consulting firm, Montaña & Associates, with sophisticated analytics technology. Showcasing:

  • first-class flexibility
  • unmatched ease of use
  • comprehensive compliance authority at your fingertips
  • superior scalability
  • trusted consulting support

Montaña & Associates has served hundreds of top-tier and Fortune 500 companies during its 15 years of experience in the field. Clients include Time Warner Music, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Dell, and Rockwell International.

“Today’s complex information environment requires tools that will give organizations sound and defensible governance rules they can apply in a large-scale data environment,” explains John Montaña, CEO of Montaña & Associates. “By providing a product that complements their existing information governance and management tools, we’ve filled that gap and given them that vital link in the governance equation.”

Montaña & Associates is a respected leader in the information governance and management fields, providing continual innovation and cutting-edge advice to corporate and law firm clients, in addition to a broad range of other industries. The company is a trusted authority on effective management and governance solutions as well as defensible disposition practices for large, complex information data sets. For more information visit or email khoste at